Views Winter 2003

Colorado Talking Book Library Newsletter Winter 2003
Volume 38 - Number 1

Whew! We Made It Through Another Year

In the past year the library circulated 358,249 items, to 13,189 people throughout the state. The items include cassette, large print, and Braille books as well as descriptive videos. And, I haven’t even mentioned the thousands of cassette machines and catalogs that were mailed this year. We know that CTBL service is provided in every county in Colorado, and the service is sincerely appreciated by the majority of those who receive it. Almost every day we receive a call or note thanking us for this service.

As many of you know, the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library send out a yearly appeal for donations so they can assist the library in meeting some of the cost that are not funded by the state or federal government. The donations received by CTBL and the Friends have made it possible for the library to continue excellent service to you, our patrons. We thank you for your support. We hope that you will continue to support this program in the future. As of December 20, 2002, the Friends have received a total of $32,748. We will be asking the Friends to help us with over $100,000 in costs for items such as; 500,000 mailing cards to send out the books, yearly computer maintenance charges, large print book and descriptive video purchases for adults and children, support of the summer reading program for our younger readers, purchase new digital equipment for the recording studio at the library, and staffing one of the readers advisory positions at the library. Private donations and bequests to the Friends of CTBL play a big part in the quality of service the library can provide.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has sent our staff a “token” of their appreciation. All the cookies, candy, flowers, pizza, and fruit, are greatly appreciated. We are not a large group, but have a monstrous appetite, and wish to express our appreciation for your kindness.

The entire staff and Friends Board, hope you and your loved ones will have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2003.

Barbara Goral,
Colorado Talking Book Library

“Book Club to Go” Now On-Line

Get a group of book-loving friends together to discuss a book. Use the books listed on the CTBL website and you’ll know that the titles are available in talking book so everyone in the group can participate. You can also use the discussion questions to start talking about the book, although your discussion can go anywhere at all. If you call CTBL, or e-mail us the information, we’ll send coupons for Anchor Frozen products that you can use as snacks for your first meeting, one per member (so be sure to tell us how many people have joined). When you finish your first book discussion, and tell us about it, we’ll send you pins to show everyone that your group is composed of “Star Readers.” Now you are ready to begin.

Welcome our newest Readers' Advisor

We’d like to welcome our newest Readers’ Advisor to the fold – and the phones. Meet Leslie Krumbholz who joined the Readers’ Advisory team in November. She’ll be answering your book calls in addition to Dennis and Tonya, and we know that you’ll welcome her. The addition of the third Readers’ Advisor means that your calls will be answered more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Leslie is a real “book person,” having worked for book stores around the country, including Denver’s own Tattered Cover. Leslie is learning the job with great speed and we know you’ll enjoy her pleasant personality on the phone.

Visit the expanded Kids' website

Kids’ now have a bigger place on the CTBL website. The Children’s Corner has been newly expanded to include internet links to fun and informative activities, expanded booklists, and a special book that young readers can listen to and talk about or review for publication on the webpage.

Visit the Children’s Corner, today, for lots of new and exciting activities and great talking book recommendations.

Call us before you send personal Braille Books

We have had several unsolicited shipments of Braille books sent to CTBL by patrons. While we understand your good intentions, our space for Braille is limited and we have to be selective about the titles we choose. Please call and ask whether we can use your books before you send them to us. We will return any books that come without prior approval.

Checklist for Better Service

  • Always notify the library of address, phone number and name changes.
  • Before returning books, rewind each cassette tape.
  • Place a rubber band around damaged tapes and mark the return card.
  • Include your complete name with all booklists, requests, and letters.


The Friends of Colorado Talking Book Library recently celebrated the many volunteers who contribute time and energy to keep our library running. We especially want to recognize those dedicated individuals who have contributed so many years of service:

Twenty Years

  • Margaret Hertzog
  • Elizabeth Burke

Fifteen Years

  • Nelson Embleton
  • Ted Schmidt

Ten Years

  • Jack Cheever
  • Frank Duff
  • Dean Haynes
  • Mac McInerney
  • Bob Orton
  • John Taylor
  • Elmer Tilstra

Five Years

  • Jeanne Amen
  • Timothy Englert
  • Veralyne Fenty
  • Charissa Hammer
  • Tom Holland
  • Jackie Kilfoyle
  • David Knutson
  • Bernard Krause
  • Tony Mattern
  • Thomas McLaughlin
  • Moni Monismith
  • Ashley Rankin

Children’s Book Award Nominees Available in Talking Book and Braille

The following books have been nominated for the Colorado Children’s Book Awards. Not all books are available in every format, so check the prefix on the number to see if the book is available in cassette (RC), Braille (BR), or large print (PR). Visit the CTBL website for other booklists of award-winning books:

  • RC050907/BR013626/PR010043 The Bad Beginning
        by Lemony Snickett (Grades 4 to 7)
    The first in the series of misadventures of the Baudelaire children, magnets for misfortune, who are sent to live with a repulsive relative.
  • RC050679/PR011092/BR012917 Because of Winn-Dixie
        by Kate DiCamillo (Grades 3 to 6)
    India Opal and her father move to a small Florida town, where Opal is befriended by the town’s librarian and a big friendly dog.
  • BR014022 The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins
        by Barbara Kerley (Grades 2 to 4)
    Braille only. True story of the British artist who built the first life-size models of dinosaurs for exhibit in England.
  • RC052589/ BR013641 Down the Yukon
        by Will Hobbs (Junior/ Senior High)
    Sweethearts Jason and Jamie leave Dawson City in a race down the Yukon to Nome where new gold deposits have been discovered.
  • RC052960 Esperanza Rising
        by Pam Munoz Ryan (Grades 6 to 9)
    When her father dies, Esperanza and her mother must leave their privileged life in Mexico to become migrant workers in California.
  • BR014025 A Fine, Fine School
        by Sharon Creech (Grades K to 3)
    Braille only. A school principal who thinks every day should be a school day is convinced by his students that free time is good, too.
  • BR014020 Goin’ Someplace Special
        by Patricia McKissack (Grades K to 3)
    Braille only. Tricia Ann, a young African American girl, takes her first trip to a segregated city and draws on her grandmother’s wisdom to help her cope with the prejudice she encounters.
  • BR013096 The Hickory Chair
        by Lisa Rowe Faustino (Grades K to 3)
    Braille only. A young blind boy remembers his grandmother with love when he is given her chair after she dies.
  • RC052345 Nory Ryan’s Song
        by Patricia Giff (Grades 4 to 7)
    In famine-ravaged Ireland, Nory dreams of taking her family to faraway Brooklyn. Meanwhile, she learns the uses of herbs and how to be an herbalist.
  • RC050416 Snail Mail No More
        by Paula Danziger (Grades 5 to 8)
    Tara Starr and Elizabeth are e-mail buddies and they share news of boyfriends, Tara’s new sister, and Elizabeth’s alcoholic father, over the internet.

CTBL Mailing Card

Every book we send you comes with a mailing card that looks like the illustration below. We have identified the key information on each side that may be useful when you call the library with questions about a specific book.

Illustration Described:

The mailing card is pictured with the small locator hole placed in the upper right corner. Just above this hole is printed: “Free matter for the Blind and handicapped”. Approximately 1 inch below the hole is a series of numbers identified as the patron number. Just below the patron number is a notice to the Postmaster reading: “If no response, leave at address”. A date found along the bottom edge is identified as the date the book was mailed from the library; books are due back at the library 30 days later. The patron’s address is located near the left center edge of the card. Near the center of the card is a number beginning with either RC or CC followed by 6 digits. This is the book number for this specific book.

The other side of the mailing card is illustrated also. The locator hole is in the upper left corner. A small box labeled: “Damaged Book” is located slightly above and to the right of the hole. Please make a mark on the card in this area when returning a book with a damaged tape. The upper right corner reads: “Free matter for the Blind and handicapped”. In the center of this card is the return address to the library printed in red ink. This side of the mailing card should face out when returning a book or other materials to CTBL. Questions regarding the mailing card can be answered by your Readers Advisor when you call the library.

SKI Colorado

Our patrons may be interested in the wonderful opportunities available in Colorado for people of all abilities to enjoy skiing as well as many other winter sports. We have listed here a small number of the many resorts and programs with adaptive equipment and trained guides for participating in many winter sports.

  • Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) of Crested Butte provides year-round recreation activities for people with disabilities and their families.
    Adaptive instruction and equipment are available for alpine skiing and snowboarding as well as the Nordic program. Toll Free (866) 349-2296
  • Adaptive Sports Association of Durango ASA is proud of their instructors who are specifically trained for instruction with individuals with blindness or various visual impairments. Phone (970) 259-0374
  • Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) Skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone! At the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) the excitement of skiing is available to people with any disability.
    Phone: (970) 453-6422
  • Challenge Aspen offers a variety of recreational programs to fit a diversity of needs and interests. They offer summer, winter and special events for both adults and children. Phone: (970) 923-0578
  • Eldora Special Recreation Program (ESRP) The Eldora Mountain Resort has been home to the ESRP since 1975. The ESRP provides therapeutic winter recreation opportunities designed for individuals who require adaptive equipment or special instruction. Phone: (303) 258-1166
  • Telluride Adaptive Ski Program can develop life skills for people with disabilities and their families by providing affordable, quality sports & recreational experiences. Phone: (970) 728-7537
  • Visually Impaired and Blind Skiers of the Colorado Springs Community (VIBeS) is an all-volunteer organization devoted to enhancing the physical and mental health of the blind and visually impaired in our community. Each year, VIBeS offers recreational and physical fitness activities to nearly 100 individuals with low or no vision. Phone: (719) 593-1982
  • Winter Park has been home to the National Sports Center for the Disabled ski programs since 1970. But perhaps the most important assets are the intangible ones- the genuine friendliness and warmth of the people who live and work in Winter Park, and the unspoiled beauty of the Fraser Valley. Phone: (970) 726-1540 or
    (303) 316-1540

Audio Described Performances

  • Stones in His Pocket
    Jan 25th 2:00
    Denver Auditorium
    (303) 640-2862
  • Bernice/Butterfly
    Jan 25th 1:30
    Ricketson Theater
    (303) 446-4852
  • Romeo & Juliet
    Jan 25th 2:00
    Mini Theater- Ft. Collins
    (970) 484-5237
  • Lost in Yonkers
    Feb 2nd 2:00
    Schwader Theater
    (303) 316-6363
  • Loves Labor’s Lost
    Feb 8th 1:30
    Stage /DCPA
    (303) 446-4852
  • Fosse!
    Feb 20th 7:30
    Lincoln Center- Ft. Collins
    (970) 221-6735
  • On Golden Pond
    Feb 21st 8:00
    Union Colony Community Center- Greeley
    (970) 350-9460
  • The Man Who Came to Dinner
    Feb 22nd 2:00
    Arvada Center
    (303) 431-3939/3113
  • Romeo & Juliet
    Feb 22nd 2:00
    Denver Auditorium
    (303) 837-8818/19
  • Lucia di Lammermoor
    Feb 23rd 2:00
    (303) 778-0215
  • Saturday Night Fever
    Mar 9th 2:00
    (303) 640-5044
  • Laughter on 23rd Floor
    Mar 15th 2:00
    Mini Theater (Ft. Collins)
    (970) 484-5237
  • Copenhagen
    Mar 22nd 1:30
    (303) 446-4852
  • Three Sisters
    Mar 29th 1:30
    (303) 446-4852
  • Two Pianos, Four Hands
    April 5th 1:30
    (303) 446-4852
  • Alice in Wonderland
    April 21st 6:30
    Union Colony Community Center - Greeley
    (970) 350-9460

Patrons who are interested in a more complete listing of all the described performances for 2003 are invited to call VSA Arts at (303)777-0797 or and request to be added to their mailing list.

Braille Readers are Leaders Contest

NFB (National Federation of the Blind) has announced their 20th Annual Contest for Blind Youth. Blind school-aged children from kindergarten through the twelfth grade are eligible to enter. The purpose of the contest is to encourage blind children to read more Braille. For more information contact: Barbara Cheadle, National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (410) 659-9314 ext.360

New Descriptive Videos

  • VO 166 His Girl Friday
  • VO 167 Life with Father
  • VO 168 The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • VO 169 Charade
  • VO 170 For the Moment
  • VO 171 The Hobbit


Randy DeHoff - Chairman, 6th Congressional District, Littleton
Jared Polis - Vice Chairman, Member-At-Large, Boulder
John Burnett, 5th Congressional District, Colorado Springs
Pamela Jo Suckla, 3rd Congressional District, Slickrock
Clair Orr, 4th Congressional District, Kersey
Evie Hudak, 2nd Congressional District, Arvada
D. Rico Munn, 1st Congressional District, Denver
Christine Baca, 7th Congressional District, Aurora
William Moloney Commissioner of Education, Secretary to the State Board

Calendar - CTBL will be closed on the following days:

  • January 20, 2003 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • February 17, 2003 - President’s Day
  • May 26, 2003 - Memorial Day

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