Views Winter 2002

Colorado Talking Book Library Newsletter Winter 2002
Volume 37 - Number 1

CTBL Moves Forward

2001 has come and gone and, unbelievably, it’s 2002. While world events held our attention in the past year, Colorado Talking Book Library still had many accomplishments to point to with pride. Here’s a quick review:

We thank you for your support of money, candy, and baked goods, for your constant words of praise and your suggestions to make library service better. The staff would like to wish each of you a happy and healthy 2002. 


In the past, Patrons of CTBL have had the VIEWS newsletter available to them in large print or on cassette. The same options have been available for the descriptive video list and other CTBL publications. We are now pleased to make available to our Braille readers CTBL publications in Braille thanks to the recent acquisition of a Braille Express Interpoint Embosser. Now you can get CTBL information in the format that works best for you. If you would like to receive VIEWS, book and video listings, or other CTBL-produced information in Braille, contact Alex Hernandez at the library.


The new voice at Colorado Talking Book Library is Reader Advisor Tonya Jilling.  Tonya will be happy to assist you with your reading choices. We hope that you will get to know her and welcome her to our telephone staff. 


Clair Orr - Chairman, 4th Congressional District, Kersey
Patricia M. Chlouber - Vice Chairman, 3rd Congressional District, Leadville
Jared Polis, Member-At-Large - Boulder
John Burnett, 5th Congressional District, Colorado Springs
Randy DeHoff, 6th Congressional District, Littleton
Evie Hudak, 2nd Congressional District, Arvada
Gully Stanford, 1st Congressional District, Denver
William J. Moloney, Commissioner of Education, Secretary to the State Board

This newsletter is a publication of the 
Colorado Department of Education
201 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

  • William J. Moloney, Commissioner
  • Nancy Bolt, Deputy State Librarian
  • Barbara Goral, Supervisor

This newsletter is also available in Braille, recorded cassette and on our website. If you would prefer to receive it in an alternative format please call the library and let the Reader Advisor know.


Summer reading will have a different face this year. We want everyone in the CTBL family to read, and to bring their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and significant young people in their lives.

In June, CTBL will sponsor the first ever Family Reading Program. It will be open to any family served by Colorado Talking Book Library and will run for the months of June and July 2002. There will be book lists and activities for families to share, family-centered prizes, and a drawing for special gift certificates for families or extended families (grandparents, aunts, uncles, special friends, and others) who complete the program.

Because this is a new concept, we would like to get an idea of how many CTBL families would like to participate in the program. If you think you are interested in Family Reading, please call Lois Gross at 303-727-9277 or 1-800-685-2136 before March 30. Your feedback is important so that we know how many families will be participating and how many rewards to have available and how to structure this exciting new program. 

Congratulations to the Telephone Pioneers of America

Celebrating 40 years of Service to the National Library Service and the Talking Book Library through their Talking Book machine repair program.
If you or someone you know would like to learn how help keep our talking books “talking” please call the Volunteer Coordinator at CTBL.


Anchor Frozen Foods has stepped up to the plate to help with CTBL’s Family Reading Program. Families that participate in the program will be rewarded with coupons for free frozen food Poppers(R), redeemable at local supermarkets. We sincerely thank Anchor Foods and the Frozen Food Association for helping us to reward families that read together.

Think Family Reading! Think Fun!

We’re in a Family Reading state of mind. Here are some titles to share and prepare you for the CTBL Family Reading Program coming in June and July 2002.

  • RC 47143 The Most Wonderful Books
    Fifty-seven authors share stories of their favorite children’s books and the significance of lifelong reading.
  • RC 30836 Once Upon a Time: Celebrating the Magic of Children’s Books
    A Collection of reminiscences, anecdotes and stories by well-known authors about the joys of books and the experiences of reading. Grades 3 to 6 and older readers.
  • RC 46638 The Bookstore Mouse by Peggy Christian
    Cervantes is a mouse that lives in a bookstore. His biggest problem is the bookstore cat, Milo, who is trying to trap him. But Cervantes can read and Milo can’t, so Cervantes has a big advantage. Grades 3 to 6.
  • RC 46474 Words I Wish I Wrote by Robert Fulghum
    Popular, inspirational author pays tribute to writers whose works have inspired his life.
  • RC 47143 The Most Wonderful Books by Michael Dorris
    Short essays by fifty-seven authors who reflect on how books – from comics to classics – changed their lives.
  • RC 47722 How Reading Changed My Life by Anna Quindlen
    Pulitzer Prize-winning author and avid bookworm contemplates the history, value, and pleasures of reading.
  • RC 47435 Summer Reading is Killing Me by Jon Scieska
    Fred, Sam and Joe each has to read four books during the summer. When Joe loses the list, the boys find themselves in the middle of a summer reading disaster. Grades 3 to 6.
  • RC 45177 The Library Card by Jerry Spinelli
    Four stories in which a child’s life is changed by the magic of a library card and the power of books. Grades 5 to 8.
  • RC 42455 The Library by Sarah Stewart
    Elizabeth loves books so much that she collects them by the hundreds. Then, one day, disaster hits; there is no more room in her house for even one more book. Grades K to 3.
  • RC 21828 The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease
    Advises when and how to start family read-aloud sessions and what elements make a book appropriate for this shared experience.

Ask the Reader Advisor

Q. I have a sister who lives in North Dakota. Do they have this service in that state?

A. Every state has Talking Book service available. Call CTBL and we can provide you with contact information for other libraries in the national network. 

Q. I receive Talking Book Topics every two months in cassette form, but I have someone living with me who can read a printed format. Can I change the way I am receiving these?

A. Yes, you can call us and tell us your preference for Talking Book Topics in either print or on tape.

Q. The computer automatically sends me two books per week, but sometimes during a holiday week, I don’t receive any. Why is that?

A. Usually the computer sends out the weekly and monthly books in uninterrupted fashion. Holidays, however, may cause the computer to skip your regular day. If you do not receive your books within three working days, call CTBL. And as always, you can order extra books before a holiday.

Please Remember:

NLS allows one machine per Patron, if you have multiple machines please send them back immediately. If you need packaging material for your extra cassette machine or record players, please contact the library.


The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped publishes a series of Reference Circulars that contain useful information on services and equipment that are available through a variety of sources. 

Recently we received an up-dated publication of: Assistive Devices for Use with Personal Computers. You may request a print copy of this circular from the Reader Advisor at CTBL or on our web-site click on the link to NLS Reference Circulars. Other Circulars worth checking out include:

  • Sports, Outdoor Recreation, and Games for Visually and Physically Impaired Individuals
  • Guide to Spoken Recordings: Popular Literature
  • Reading Materials in Large Print: A Resource Guide
  • Learning Disabilities: Organizations and Resources


The Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library held the annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch on December 2, 2001 at the Lakewood Country Club. Nearly 200 people were in attendance. We would like to acknowledge these volunteers who were honored for their years of service and dedication:

25 years
Louise Lederhos 

20 years
Bill Bombeck
    Ed Van Houten
    Ernie Clark

15 years
    Phil Brides
    Janet Hall
    Nort Nielsen
    Neal McComic
    Loretta McComic
    Dick Iversen
    Enzio Cassinis
    Wayne Corley

10 years
    Renee Tewell
    Joanne Rudoff
    Mickey James

5 years
    Lou André
    Kathleen Pelley
    Robert Olson
    Elisabeth Maus
    Barbara Flowers
    Roberta Conway
    Marjorie Braisted

The Lakewood Cultural Center

470 South Allison Pkwy (Alameda & Wadsworth) presents
The World in Denver Jan.14 -March 29 
Featuring PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS by Bob Weinberg & 

This exhibition is an impressive collection of photographs by Bob Weinberg from his journalistic assignments in the Denver Metro area over the past several decades. Because of a retinal eye disease, he is now legally blind. Therefore, the exhibit will feature educational information about vision impairment and will be accessible to the visually impaired. For more information, please call Elizabeth Morton at (303) 987-7844.

Any mention of products and services in the Views Newsletter is for information only and does not imply endorsement.


All performances at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science IMAX Theatre are described. Please ask museum staff for the necessary earphones for these performances: 
Shackleton’s Antarctic Journey through Feb. 28th
Everest through Feb. 28th
Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa March 8th-August 29th 
Journey Into Amazing Caves June 7th- August 29th 
Call (303) 322-7009 for additional information on these performances.


Schedule of performances In the Denver Metro Area

Where the Wild Things Are (Buell) March 9th Ballet at 2:00 (tour at noon) 303-893-4100
Almost Heaven (Stage) Mar 30th at 1:30 303-893-4100
Jitney (Space) April 6th at 1:30 303-893-4100
A New Play (Ricketson) April 13th at 1:30 303-893-4100
Suniata: Lion King (Arvada Center) April 23rd at Noon 303-431-3939
Midsummer’s Night Dream (Buell) April 28th Ballet at 2:00 (tour at noon) 303-893-4100
Hansel and Gretel (Boettcher) May 5th at 2:00pm 303-893-4100
Eugene Onegin (Boettcher) May 12th at 2:00 303-893-4100


Through a partnership with DVS and the US Department of Education, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) cable channel presents classic movies with description. These films are broadcast with descriptions whenever they appear on the TCM channel. Please check your local listings. To obtain the TCM cable channel contact your local cable provider. You can get a complete listing of movies described on the TCM cable channel by calling 1-800-333-1203 or on the internet at:


We have recently added new movies to our DVS collection. Check these out!

VO 149     Shane
VO 151     To Kill a Mockingbird
VO 153     Our Town
VO 160     Bells of St. Mary’s
VO 161     Father’s Little Dividend
VO 164     Call of the Wild
VO 167     Life With Father
VO 169     Charade

How to Reach Us

Mailing address:
Colorado Talking Book Library
180 Sheridan Blvd.
Denver, CO 80226

Phone: (303) 727-9277 
1(800) 685-2136 outside Metro Denver

On the Internet


CTBL will be closed on the following days:

May 27, 2002
Memorial Day

July 4, 2002
Independence Day

September 2, 2002
Labor Day

The Colorado Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or age.