Views Spring 2004

Colorado Talking Book Library Newsletter Spring 2004

Volume 39 - Number 1

A Word From The Director

Many thanks for your support

I am always amazed at the goodness and generosity that is bestowed upon the library during the Friends annual fundraising event. This year again, we were overwhelmed at the number of cash donations, gifts of candy , fruit and holiday treats. We appreciate your messages of thanks, and greetings. We know how much you value the library and the service, and your constant generosity and kind words reflect that. So again, thank you!!!

Barbara Goral Retires

Since 1985 Barbara Goral, has served as the Supervisor of the Colorado Talking Book Library. Barbara officially retired January 1, 2004, but will be working temporarily (3 days per week) until a new supervisor is appointed. Barbara will also continue to serve on the NLS Digital Talking book Committee.

Under Barbara’s supervision the library was moved from a 9,000 square foot build to its present 26,000sq ft location. The library converted to the KLAS circulation system offering the on-line-public access service to the patrons. Returning Braille services to the Colorado Talking Book Library, and providing the DVS service to patrons. Barbara was also successful in expanding the Friends of the CTBL to an organization making a significant contribution towards library operations.

“This is the best job I have ever had. My experience here and in Michigan with the Talking Book program is unforgettable. I will always have fond memories of the great people I have served as patrons and worked with locally and nationally. For 30 years, my professional focus has been on the Talking Book Library program. It will not end with retirement. Thank you for a great time.

Barbara Goral,
Colorado Talking Book Library

Scourby Awards

The American Foundation for the Blind invites nomination for its annual National Library Service Narrator of the Year award. Nominations are sent in to AFB in the Spring. All Talking Book Readers may nominate narrators. For more information contact AFB at (212) 502-7600 or e-mail at

New Descriptive videos at the library

The Library has purchased several new descriptive videos in the past few months. The following titles are now available for viewing:

  • Finding Nemo
  • Seabiscuit
  • Matrix Reloaded
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Bruce Almighty

Please remember the lending policy is: order one video per request.  Video must be returned before ordering a replacement.  Please return after viewing as others are waiting.  Our DVS collection is very popular.  You can order a listing of our collection from the library.

One City, One Book:  Denver

Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver has selected the book Peace Like a River by Leif Enger for the One City One Book program.

Book Summary: In early 1960’s Minnesota, Davy takes flight from the law after he kills two thugs who have assaulted his girlfriend and menaced his nine-year-old sister. His miracle worker father, poetry writing sister, and younger brother Ruben, who narrates the story, set out across the plains to find him. If you are interested in reading this book. Please call the library and ask for RC 54212

Just a Friendly Reminder

The staff just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that due to the staffing shortage the Reader’s Advisors are not available to take calls from 12:00-1:00 during the week. If you call the library during that time you will be asked to call back later in the day.
Remember, there are three very smart and helpful Readers Advisors; Dennis, Lori, and Tonya.

If you are in need of a replacement cassette machine, please contact the library as we do not always open boxes with returned machines daily. You will receive quicker service if you call.

And please return all materials within 30-days from the date checked out to you.

NLS "Facts" available from the Library

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped now has available two new Facts publications.

The first is “Sources for purchase of cassette players and player-recorders compatible with recorded materials produced by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.” This publication lists sources for the purchase of cassette machines compatible with the NLS recordings.

The second publication is “Selected Veterans Organizations.” this publication list the Vets organizations and their specialties, for instance the DVA, BVA.BAVF, EPVA and others. The publication lists addresses, phone numbers, and web sites. For a free copy call the Library.

Learn about the NLS Narrators

In response to patron requests, NLS has created a web site where the public can learn more about program narrators. Each narrator may decide whether to provide information. So far, narrators working at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) studio and at the NLS studio have provided information, including an audio sample of material that is not copyrighted. As narrators at other studios make information available, NLS will include links to those studios’ web sites.

New Magazine Available

A new magazine has just been added to the list of periodicals we are offering on cassette.


It is published bi-monthly, the magazine features eight to ten speeches by people prominent in the fields of politics, economics, education, sociology, criminology, business, finance, health, law, labor….

The magazine is being recorded by volunteers at the Brevard Association for the Blind in Florida. If you would like to start receiving a copy please contact the Colorado Talking Book Library.

Check in with BenefitsCheckUP!

BenefitsCheckUp is available at volunteers of America through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). BenefitsCheckUp is a tool, an online screen process that alerts people ages 55 and older about local, state and federal assistance programs for which they are eligible. You can access the system yourself by logging on to and following the links to Program Information and RSVP. Or, if you’re not computer savvy, feel free to contact Katherine Howie, program coordinator with VOA/RSVP, at (303) 297-0408 ext. 13128.

The Colorado State Board Of Education

Jared Polis - Chairman, Member-At-Large, Boulder
Randy DeHoff - Vice Chairman, 6th Congressional District, Littleton
Christine Baca, 7th Congressional District, Aurora
Evie Hudak, 2nd Congressional District, Arvada
Peggy Littleton, 5th Congressional District, Colorado Springs
D. Rico Munn, 1st Congressional District, Denver
Clair Orr, 4th Congressional District, Kersey
Pamela Jo Suckla, 3rd Congressional District, Slickrock
William Moloney Commissioner of Education, Secretary to the State Board

Calendar - CTBL Will Be Closed On The Following Days:

  • MEMORIAL DAY - May 31, 2004
  • FOURTH OF JULY - July 5, 2004
  • LABOR DAY - September 6, 2004
  • THANKSGIVING - November 25, 26, 2003
  • CHRISTMAS - December 24, 27, 2003
  • NEW YEARS DAY - January 1, 2004

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  • Nancy Bolt, Deputy State Librarian
  • Barbara Goral, Supervisor

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