Views Spring 2003

Colorado Talking Book Library Newsletter Spring 2003

Volume 38 - Number 2

A Word From the Director

In 1985, when I first came to the Colorado Talking Book Library, I was asked if I could reinstate a Braille collection at the library. We were then located in about 9000 square feet of space in basement levels of a state building. The cost of our Braille agreement with Utah was a bargain! It was not feasible for the CTBL to house a Braille collection, either economically or physically.

Since we’ve moved to our present location, we’ve been slowing building a Braille collection by acquiring discarded books from other libraries and purchasing children’s Braille. The cost of the service our clients received from the Utah library rose, as did the demand for Braille.

Now, in the interest of fiscal responsibility, we have elected to become a Braille Subregional Center. This means that, 1) the CTBL will own at least one copy of all Braille books that have been released by the NLS in the past two years, 2) future Braille Book Review order forms should be mailed to the CTBL, instead of to Utah, and 3) you may call the CTBL with any Braille book requests that you may have.

Braille users will be notified of lending and overdue policies by June 30, 2003. We will try to continue the excellent level of service that Braille users received from our friends in Utah.

Barbara Goral,
Colorado Talking Book Library

Annual Readers' Survey

Don’t forget to complete the Annual Readers’ Survey, in this issue. Your opinions count in improving the CTBL services.

Colorado State Board of Education

Randy DeHoff, Chairman ,6th Congressional Dist., Littleton
Jared Polis , Vice Chairman, Member-at-large, Boulder
Evie Hudak , Arvada
Clair Orr, Kersey
Pamela Jo Suckla, Slickrock
Christine Baca, Aurora
D. Rico Munn, Denver
William Maloney, Commissioner of Education, Secretary of the Board

When Is the Right Time for a Donation?

Does someone you know have a birthday coming up? Is an anniversary around the corner? Is there someone you would like to remember with a special gift?

Donations to the Friends of the Talking Book Library are welcomed all year round, and we will gladly acknowledge your gift to the recipient. In most cases, monetary gifts to the Friends are tax deductible.

Remember, also, that a bequest in your will or a memorial contribution for loved ones, offer an ongoing and heartfelt way to honor a life.

All gifts in excess of $250 are honored on a plaque in the library. Gifts of $5000 or more are recognized with separate donation plaques.

In times of declining State budgets, your generous gifts to the Friends are more critical than ever.

A Word from Our Mailroom

Our mailroom requests that you make their jobs easier by rewinding your tapes, putting the tapes in the correct containers, and not writing on the green containers.  This will make their difficult job of mailing the tapes, much easier. 

Also, do not put children’s stickers or address labels on our large print or Braille books. Our books serve many individuals and institutions and we need them to be clear of stickers, except labels that identify the books as part of the CTBL collection.

Who is an Award-Winning Narrator

The Alexander Scourby Award is the “Oscar” for NLS narrators. Each spring, the American Foundation for the Blind recognizes the best narrators with an award named for one of the most memorable of Talking Book narrators.  All Talking Book readers may nominate narrators. For information, contact the AFB at (212)503-7600 or e-mail,

Read the Book; See the Video

The CTBL recently purchased a collection of classic videos from Canada. Many of the movies are based on books, so see the video and read the book:

  • VO000168 The Pied Piper of Hamlin
    Van Johnson musical based on the Browning poem about a town invaded by rats. (RC044003).
  • VO000156 The Last Time I Saw Paris
    Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson in a movie based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited (RC020460).
  • VO000153 Our Town
    William Holden and Martha Scott in the filmed version of the stage play by Thornton Wilder (RC012934).
  • VO000165 Call of the Wild
    Charleton Heston goes to the dogs in the movie based on the classic Jack London adventure tale (RC049486).

Do You Have a Question About Your Service?

Got a question you’ve always wanted answered about Talking Book Library service? E-mail it to us at and we’ll answer it in a future newsletter.

Question:  What is the difference between tapes in the brown containers and tapes in the green containers?

Answer:  Tapes in the brown containers are part of the Colorado Collection. CC tapes are recorded in the library’s studio by volunteers, and deal mostly with Colorado subjects or books by Colorado authors. There are fewer of these titles, so return them, promptly. Tapes in the green containers are part of the national Library of Congress collection. These are recorded by professional narrators in Louisville, New York, Washington and Denver, and we are able to order more copies in anticipation of greater demand for these titles.

Sincere Thanks

Our most sincere thanks to Bent County Nursing Home, Resident Council President Katie Hall, and Activity Director Cindy Bourne, for their recent donation to us to say “thanks” for their Talking Book Service. This gift supports the valuable work that the Talking Book Library performs for all its clients, throughout the state.

Read All About: Macular Degeneration

New books about age-related eye diseases are being added to the Talking Book Library collection, constantly. The following titles about Macular Degeneration are the newest in the collection on this very important topic. Because so many of our clients have a personal need to know about Macular Degeneration, there may be many requests for these titles, so please be patient when you ask for them.

  • RC054126 The Aging Eyeby Sandra Gordon
    Discusses the natural aging process of the eye. Explores the three most common disorders: cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.
  • RC052530 Living Well with Macular Degeneration by Bruce Rosenthal and Kate Kelly
    Research-based information on Macular Degeneration, including services, assistive technology, adaptations and devices which make coping with the disorder possible.
  • RC053425 Macular Degeneration: The Latest Scientific Discoveries by Robert D’Amato
    An ophthalmologist and a patient describe macular degeneration with its risk factors, treatment options, and coping mechanisms.
  • RC053279 My Friend, You Are Legally Blind by Charles Champlin
    A journalist relates how he has accommodated his disability since he was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration.
  • RC051826 Overcoming Macular Degenerationby Yale Solomon
    The author, an eye doctor who has macular degeneration, provides detailed information, advice, and reassurance to others who have been diagnosed with the disease.

Call the Talking Book Library to add these and other books about age-related eye disorders to your request list.

PHAMALY Announces Upcoming Season

Mark your calendars for August 1st to 17th, 2003, when PHAMALy, the theatre company for performers with disabilities, presents The Pajama Game. Performances take place in the Denver Center Theatre Complex. To learn more about this unique performing venue that always garners rave reviews, call
303-575-0005 or visit the PHAMALy website at  Watch the local newspaper for the announcement of auditions, and for ticket sales for the Pajama Game.

CTBL Celebrates Our Volunteers - The Spirit of America,
April 27 to May 3, 2003

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

Our ever-growing corps of Talking Book Library Volunteers supports our staff by helping in the mail room, duplicating tapes, narrating and editing tapes, producing Braille-on-demand, processing large print books, repairing machines, typing labels, and a list of other jobs too numerous to mention. Our volunteers are not just a free pool of talent from which we draw, but a deep well of friends for all of our staff and clients.

In our turbulent world, our volunteers represent the best impulses of human beings - a desire to connect with their fellow occupants of Planet Earth by giving freely of themselves. Thanks to each and every one of our CTBL volunteers.

If you have skills you would like to share, and time to contribute here in the library, Call Volunteer Coordinator Terri Marcotte at 303-727-9277.

In Memorium

Susan Trainer was a client and a volunteer for the Colorado Talking Book Library. Susan served on the Friends’ Board, and the audition committee, helping us to assure that the narrators who were selected to read Colorado books were always of the highest caliber. Susan was a prolific reader, an enthusiastic library-user and a friend to everyone at the CTBL. Susan passed away on February 24, 2003 at her home in Colorado Springs. We are grateful to her family for making the CTBL recipient of all memorial donations. Above all, we will miss Susan’s contributions to the Talking Book Library and other agencies throughout the state that serve the blind and handicapped. Through her volunteerism, Susan helped to lessen barriers for other people with disabilities.

Family Reading For 2003 Uncertain

The current budget shortfalls in the State of Colorado have made it necessary for the Talking Book Library to set different priorities. We are, therefore, uncertain, if there will be a Family Reading Program, this summer. Watch your mail for further announcements.

Colorado Blue Spruce Winners and 2004 Nominees

The Blue Spruce Young Adult Award winner for 2003 is A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks (RC049104/PR009232). This is a romantic novel in which back on his a spirited adolescent, falls in love with a preacher’s daughter.

Some of the nominees for 2004 are already recorded. The list includes some adult titles . Watch for strong language or adult subject matter.

  • RC049958 Speakby Laurie Halse Anderson
    When Melinda calls the police to break up a drinking party, she doesn’t reveal that she has been raped and has not come to terms with the crime.
  • RC048937 Enders Shadow by Orson Scott Card
    Bean, a genetically engineered child, is sent to Battle School, where he becomes an ally of Ender Wiggin.
  • RC052289/BR013430/PR010895 Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
    Fairies fight back when an evil 12-year-old genius tries to rebuild his family’s fortune by demanding a ransom of gold from the magical beings.
  • RC051887/BR014308/PR010778 First to Die by James Patterson
    A serial killer of newlyweds, prompts San Francisco Detective Lindsay Boxer to investigate the murders.
  • RC055072 Lady Knight by Tamara Pierce
    Kel hopes to be given a combat post when she becomes a knight, but instead she is sent to guard a group of refugees.
  • RC048722/BR012390/PR009506/RC050990 (Spanish) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
    The escaped convict, Sirius Black, a supporter of the evil Voldemort, is after Harry and determined to kill him.
  • RC054207/BR)12801/PR010184 Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
    Stargirl, a new student, is shunned by classmates and urged by her boyfriend to conform, even if it means abandoning her unique qualities.

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