Views Fall 2001

Colorado Talking Book Library Newsletter Fall 2001

Volume 36 - Number 4

From the Director

As promised, I have been looking at the evaluations that were sent back from our patrons and have some interesting information to relate. Fully 93% of our returns indicate a positive level of satisfaction with the service. 

The following questions from patrons came up on the evaluations, and I will answer them, now:

  1. What is my Reader Number and where can I find it? 
    Your Reader Number can be found on the mailing card sent with every cassette, large print or Braille book we send to you. If you look above the “notice to the postmaster” you will find a number; that number is your reader I.D. If you are having trouble finding your Reader Number, call the library and we will gladly give that information to you by phone. The value of using your Reader Number, when you call, is that we can very quickly access your individual file. This helps tremendously when we have two or more customers with similar names. 
  2. I would like a complete listing of books in my preferred subject areas. 
    We would love to be able to send a complete listing of our entire library to everyone using the service. However, at this time we have approximately 80,000 titles. Many categories, such as westerns, mysteries and romances have several thousand titles. We are able to send a list of books by a particular author. Also, if you have Internet access, you can access our entire collection, on-line. 
  3. There should be more westerns in the catalog.
    Remember, the catalog is only a compilation of the books recorded in that year. Therefore, the 2000 catalog will only list books recorded from January until December 2000. You can call the library and ask the Reader Advisor for westerns by title, author, or subject.
  4. I am confused as to how I can order books.
    You can order books in many ways. Please call the library and we can explain the different ordering options you may wish to consider.
  5. How many books can I order at one time? 
    Please order only what you can read in one month. We have so many people who are interested in the same titles and authors, that we often have very long reserve lists. If possible, we would also appreciate it if you return cassette books as you read them as others may be waiting for that “special” book. Always remember you can call or order more cassette books if you need them.

Just a final note: Because of the recent tragic events that have taken place here in the United States, and the threat of anthrax contamination, the U.S. Post Office has taken extra precautions to protect its employees and customers. Because of this extra care, you may notice that your mail is coming to you more slowly. Please be patient. We will gladly send out more cassette books to you during this time, and we ask that you call us before you have listened to all of your cassette books so that you always have a few extra cassette books on hand. 

How to Reach Us

Mailing address:
Colorado Talking Book Library
180 Sheridan Blvd.
Denver, CO 80226

Phone: (303) 727-9277 or 1(800) 685-2136 (outside Metro Denver)

On the Internet:

Ask the Reader Advisor:

Q. When I play a tape my machine sounds like the "Chipmunks". What should I do?

A. First check the controls on your talking book machine, make sure that the top control (Variable Speed Control) is pushed all the way to the left. Next, check the top rocker switch that rocks from left (15/16) to right (1-7/8) should be pushed down firmly to the left. If this does not fix the problem, try a different tape. If this tape sounds right the first tape was bad. If this tape also sounds bad call us for a new machine. 

Q. Will my books go out faster if I speak directly with a Reader Advisor or if I use the computer?

A. Whether you speak to a Reader Advisor first thing in the morning to beat the rush, send us an email, or order directly on-line - your books always go out in the following business day’s mail.


Please put your name and address on each book order you send in to us. We often receive requests for books but can’t send them out because we don’t know who wanted the

Did you know?

The CTBL website now includes staff recommendations of books you may enjoy reading. Check it out at


CTBL will be closed on the following days:

November 22 & 23 - Thanksgiving
December 24 & 25 - Christmas
January 1 - New Years Day
January 21 - Martin Luther King Day
February 18 - President’s Day

Coming Soon...“Heritage” Magazine

The studios of the Colorado Talking Book Library will soon be recording “Heritage” magazine. This is the quarterly publication of the Colorado Historical Society containing many excellent stories and articles about Colorado’s early years. If you would like to regularly receive a recorded version of this magazine please call CTBL and ask to have it added to your request list.

Poem by Blanche Boshinski

(Used by permission)
Once, reading was my major joy,
And writing was my trade
But letters then began to wave
And soon began to fade.

My fate was dim and very cruel.
“Oh, woe is me,” I said
“There must be still a million books
That I have never read.”

Now, Talking Books are sent to me
By angels in disguise,
And I can read great, wondrous tales
For I use my ears for eyes.

Bibles and other Sacred Writings in Special Media

NLS has published a Reference Circular, which provides information on obtaining Bibles and sacred texts of many world religions, in a variety of languages, translations, and versions. Commentaries, concordances, liturgies, prayer books, hymnals, and magazines are also listed. The information is taken from descriptive brochures provided by the publishers and suppliers of the items cited. 

If you are interested in locating a copy of the Bible or other sacred writings for your own personal use please request a copy of this circular from the Reader Advisor.

A Message to Parents and Teachers

By Lois Rubin Gross

Now that school is back in session, remember that you need to update your students’ files at the Talking Book Library. If your student has changed schools, please call us with the new address and teacher contact. If the student needs a higher (or lower) reading level in the books we are sending, call us with that information, too. If your family has moved over the summer, make sure we have a correct address and new phone number. It is extremely important that all contact information on each child’s files be up to date so that we can serve them in an efficient manner.

Thanks for your help, and have a great school year! We are here to help with all of your child’s support reading needs, tape, large print, or Braille. Remember, also, that we rely on your help to spread the word about the valuable services we provide to blind, visually handicapped, physically handicapped and reading disabled students.


RC 50889 Afghanistan
By Sharifah Enayat Ali
Describes the geography, economy, and culture of the nation of Afghanistan – a country on the crossroads between Europe and the Far East. Traces its history up to 1992, when the Islamic state was established. Grades 5 to 8+

RC 48185 The Taliban: War, Religion and the New Order in Afghanistan 
by Peter Marsden
Examines the beliefs and policies of the Taliban and their rise to power. Discusses the gender issue and how it affects the interactions of the Taliban and the international community.

RC 28552 Terrorism: A Special Kind of Violence 
by Margaret O. Hyde
Discusses terrorism, its historical origins, its motivational forces, and its increasing frequency. Also includes a psychological portrait of the typical terrorist. Junior/ Senior high+.

RC 49535 Tournament of Shadows 
by Karl Ernest Meyer
The author chronicles the struggle between Great Britain and Russia over control of central Asia. Examines the activities of adventurers, explorers, and statesmen, in Tibet, Lhasa, Afghanistan, and surrounding areas, who spied for their respective countries.

RC 23356 The New Terrorism: Politics of Violence
by Jonathan Harris
Concise overview discusses the historical roots of terrorism, the motivation of terrorists, and the social and political climates which promote the terrorist mind-set. High school and adult readers.

RC 27408 Holy Terror: Inside the world of Islamic Terrorism
by Amir Taheri
An Iranian expatriate and former editor of Iran’s largest daily newspaper offers a behind the scenes look at the fanatic fundamentalists of the Islamic international terrorist movement. 

RC 32616 The Fall of Pan Am 103
by Steven Emerson
Account of the 1988 crash discusses the warning the airlines received, the ability of terrorists to circumvent security systems, and the work of more than 10,000 agents piecing together countless scraps of evidence to identify the terrorists.

RC 37653 Collision Course: The Truth About Airline Safety 
by Ralph Nader
Describing past airline incidents, the authors discuss several issues they perceive as posing dangers to the safety levels of aviation. These include the economic after-effects of deregulation, aging aircraft, terrorism, and the under-funding of the FAA.

Service Offered by ACBC

By Sandy McAviney

The American Council of the Blind of Colorado (ACBC) has a group of sighted volunteer readers, committed to read (on cassette tape) information that is not available through the Colorado Talking Book Library or other organizations. These volunteers work out of their homes, reading menus, letters, magazines, brochures, books, transferring the information through the mail or in person. 

If you know someone who needs this reading service, you may direct him or her to contact the coordinator of this service, Barbara Fletcher, at 303-772-5141. You may leave a message on her answering service if she is not home.

Also, ACBC produces a resource newsletter bimonthly in various formats (Braille, large print, audio cassette tape) and on the Internet at If you would like to receive this newsletter, contact Sandy McAviney, editor, at 303-772-7119.

Updated Information

We are updating our files so we have the current telephone numbers of all of our patrons. If you have moved since starting service with us please call, e-mail, or fax us your current telephone number.

Also, when you are calling to order books, please help us by taking a minute to verify your telephone number. 

Attention:  Colorado Drivers

The most recent edition of the Colorado Driver’s Manual is available on cassette. Please request CC 7624 if you would like to borrow a copy to prepare for your test. 

Gifts of Thanks

As the holiday season approaches, many of our clients look for appropriate expressions of thanks for the CTBL staff. Please remember that the library’s staff is employed by State of Colorado. State employees are expressly prohibited from accepting gifts from the people that we serve. We gladly accept verbal expressions of thanks and appreciation. Words of thanks are always priceless.

If you do want to show more tangible appreciation for the Talking Book service you receive, the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library are always happy to accept your tax-deductible donations, which improve the quality of service to all of our Talking Book family.

In this extraordinary year of earth-shaking events, we wish you all peace, joy and a deep appreciation for the gifts we have all been given in each other.

Beyond Books

At this time of year we are frequently asked where individuals can purchase gifts especially suited for family members or friends who may be visually impaired or have physical limitations. We have compiled a partial list of stores and suppliers we are familiar with. 

Specialty Stores

  • Beyond Sight, Inc.
    “Products for the Visually Impaired”
    5650 S Windermere St
    Littleton, CO 80120
  • Youcan Toocan
    “Special Products and Apparel for People with Special Needs”
    2223 S Monoco Pkwy
    Denver, CO 80222
    (303) 759-9525
    1 (888) 663-9396 Toll-free

Large Print Books (New & Used)


Descriptive Videos

  • DVS Home Video
    P.O. Box 55742
    Indianapolis, IN 46205
    1(800) 333-1203

Colorado Collection 6

These titles were recorded by volunteers at CTBL and may be ordered by calling the library at 303/727-9277 or on our website:

CC 7301 The Fabulous Flight
By Robert Lawson
Fred Blagden, Narrator
Peter Peabody Pepperell, who has shrunk to a tiny size, takes off on an adventure on the back of his seagull friend, Gus. Grades 3-5.

CC 7349 The Magic Book
By Willo Davis Roberts
Lisa Dobson, Narrator
When Alex and his friends try the spells in an old book, things don't happen quite as they'd thought, but they decide to try the bully spell on the school bully, anyway. Grades 4 to 6.

CC 7396 In A Heart Beat
By Sharon Potempa
Louise Lederhos, Narrator
The Denver author tells how her undiagnosed heart disease nearly cost her her life, and how she survived a long recovery.

CC 7441 A Various Journey
By Karin Maris
Barbara Flowers, Narrator
In the early 1950's in England, sixteen-year old Laura moves from an awkward, self-conscious adolescent through first love with Ben to an awareness of what it means to love others and ultimately to love oneself. 

CC 7397 The ABC’s of Safe & Healthy Child Care
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Melissa Roberts, Narrator
Handbook for childcare providers suggests safe practices to prevent the spread of disease and prevent injury.

CC 7451 In Gravity National Park 
By C.L. Rawlins
Marjorie Braisted, Narrator
Essays and poetry of C. L. Rawlins, which draw their inspiration from the environment of the Western U.S.

CC 7457 Stage Fright
By Ellen Hart
Laverne Rios, Narrator
Jane Lawless is back and embroiled in a case of dramatic proportions. A Minneapolis theatrical dynasty, takes center stage in this tale of deadly secrets from the past. With the help of Cordelia Thorn, Jane Lawless begins to unravel a web of childhood horror and adult vengeance.

CC 7459 M*A*S*H
By Richard Hooker
Melissa Roberts, Narrator
The fictional account of the doctors of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit, as they experience dark and madcap adventures during the bloody fighting of the Korean conflict.

CC 7462 Trading With the Enemy
By Tom Miller
Marjorie Braisted, Narrator
Granted unprecedented access to travel through Cuba, the author presents rare insights into one of the world's only remaining Communist countries.

CC 7466 If It Doesn’t Kill You
By Margaret Bechard
Joanne Rudoff, Narrator
High school freshman Ben should be enjoying playing football, meeting girls, and going to parties, but he's too busy trying to cope with his father's moving out to live with another man. Jr/Sr High

CC 7471 The Seamy Side of Denver
By Phil Goodstein
Don Bennallack, Narrator
Collection of anecdotes about Denver's unsavory past and characters that evolved from materials used in the author's popular walking tours of the city.

CC 7496 Deadly Encounter
By R. A. Montgomery
Jean Collins, Narrator
In the year 2015, three teenagers nicknamed Trio, battle two deadly foes to save Earth's energy source. Grades 5 to 8.

CC 7504 Maybe This Time
By Kathleen Gilles Seidel
Ann Pohs, Narrator
A graduation eve car accident changes the lives of three teens. Fifteen years later, they reunite and try to reestablish their long, lost friendship.

CC 7523 My Dear Friend Chas.
Jewel Wolcott, Editor
Jeanne Amen, Narrator
Collection of letters written in the 1890's to Boulder resident Charles A. Wolcott.

CC 7527 The Jerusalem Diamond
By Noah Gordon
Nelson Grabenstetter, Narrator
American, Harry Hopeman is searching for a particular diamond with a visible flaw that is of interest and a source of conflict to the three main religions in the Middle East.

CC 7532 Living on the Spine
By Christina Nealson
Jackie Kilfoyle, Narrator
The journal of a middle-aged woman who chooses to live one complete year alone in a mountain cabin in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado.

CC 7533 Brown-Eyed Girl
By Virginia Swift
Laverne Rios, Narrator
Sally Adler is past her wild youth as the hard-drinking singer known as Mustang Sally. She's wiser and more coolheaded now and has learned how to keep a secret. She's going to need every advantage she's gained in order to handle the job she's just taken.

CC 7551 Osage County Kids
By Lou Dean
Marilyn Aamodt, Narrator
Family memoir recalls the author's childhood years on an Oklahoma farm in the 1950s.

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