Patron Handbook - Service Options

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  • ❏ I have a personal mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, or Kindle Fire) and Internet or cellular access. I will download digital talking books and/or eBraille materials to this device. I will select my own books from BARD.
  • ❏ Bible only (please indicate the version you are interested in)

For the following options, we automatically send books from your request list. If your request list is empty, we will automatically send you books based on your subject preferences listed on page 3.

  • ❏ I do NOT have a personal mobile device, I need a player and books sent by USPS to my home.
  • ❏ I have a personal mobile device and would like to access the free BARD Mobile application, but I also want a player and books sent to my home by USPS.

Audio books and magazines are recorded in a special format. The playback machines and accessories are the property of the U.S. Government and must be returned to the library when no longer in use.

If you have a profound hearing impairment, a high volume player is available. Contact the library for the high volume player application, which will need to be signed by your doctor or Audiologist.

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