Searching the Catalog

If you are not already on the search screen, select the Search tab located below the CTBL Logo. Fill in the search term you would like to use in the text box next to Query. Your search term can be an author's name, book title, or general subject. You may also search using our subject codes which can be found by selecting Collection on the navigation menu to the left, then Subject Codes.

Then you can also change the index and sort by fields or keep the default values. To conduct the search, select the "Search" button below the sort by field.

Once you have the search results, you can refine your search using the facets listed down the left side of the page. For example one section will be titled "Medium" and list the various formats available. If you'd like to only see one type of media, you would select the type of media from the list and it will narrow the search results down to books in that media. To exclude an item from the search, you would select the blue circle to the right of the facet and it will remove those items from the search. Some of the facets available are language, medium, recently added, and subject.

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