Ordering Books

There are two ways to order books from the online catalog. You can use the "Quick Request" tab or conduct a search using the "Search" tab and select books from a list.

Quick Request

If you have a list of book numbers for books you'd like to order from the Talking Book Topics, you can select the "Quick Request" tab. There will be a text box where you can enter your list of book numbers. Just be sure to place each book number on a separate line. When you have entered all your book numbers, select the "Quick Request" button under the text box.

Selecting Search Items

Once you have used the search feature to find books, you can select them in two ways:

  • in a list of multiple titles, check the small box in the select column to the left of the book entry for each book you'd like on that page and then click "Add Selected to Book Basket", or
  • in a individual book record just click "Add This Item to Book Basket"

*NOTE - There are two new availability options when ordering from the WebOPAC. Books listed as "download only" are only available through the BARD website. More information is located on the BARD page of our website. The other option is "on demand" which is currently limited to books in the Colorado collection. A copy of an on-demand book will be made when a rush order is placed on the book.

After you have added books to the Book Basket, you will get a listing of everything that is currently ready for you to check out. At this point you can either conduct another search or check out your books. You have the option of selecting the "Rush" link to the right of the title in the action column. You may rush up 5 items per week. Rush items will be sent out with the next day's mailing. Other items on the list will be added to your request list and sent based on your service option (see Patron Information). Once you have selected any rush items, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

To remove an item from the book basket, select the "Remove" link to the right of the title in the action column. Or you can clear all items in your book basket by selecting the "Clear Basket" button at the bottom of the book list.

If there is a problem with one of the items you have ordered, a note will appear in the alerts column of the book basket. For an "On Demand" book, you would need to select the "Rush" link to order this book. Or you can select the "Remove" link if you decide you don't want this book. Otherwise, if you'd still like to receive the book, you may need to call a Reader's Advisor to assist with clearing up the problem.

Finally, the last column in the book basket is the download link for a book if you'd like to download the book from either BARD or SHELF. Please visit our BARD page for more information.

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