Over 150 audio, Braille and large print magazines are available from the National Library Service, as well as from other agencies. Patrons can receive periodicals such as Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated, People, Popular Science, Analog and many other popular magazines.

For a listing and description of all the magazines available through the library, refer to the links below. Audio magazines are available either through download at the BARD site or on digital cartridge which requires the playback machine provided by CTBL.

Please use the following list of magazines, to order a magazine. You may either call the library and order these magazines or e-mail your requests to us at


Media Index

  • Audio (digital cartridge or BARD download)
  • Braille (press Braille or BARD download)

For a listing of magazines available from other agencies, please visit the magazine listings on the NLS website.

If you have any questions about ordering magazines or other Colorado Talking Book Library services, call the Library at 303-727-9277 or, toll free in state at 800-685-2136.

We hope you enjoy your magazines.