Looking Up Patron Information

When you are logged into the Online Catalog, you will be able to look up information about your patron record by selecting the tab labeled "My account". There are two sections on the page. The left side has a list of options for you to view and the right side of the screen is the viewing panel.

  • Account Summary - is the default screen under My Account. This page gives a brief overview of your account and shows the number of items you have checked out, on your request list or on reserve. It also shows the number of magazines you are subscribed to. Each of these listings is also a link that opens a page with more details.
  • Contact Info - lists the information we have in our database on how we can contact you.
  • Reading Preferences - lists the types of media you are set-up to receive and the type of service (listed below) for each media, your likes and dislikes, and any magazines you currently receive. To change this information, you would need to contact a Reader Advisor.
  • Reading History - Can list books you currently have, books you've had in the past, or books on your request list. Select the option you'd like from the drop-down menu next to "Browse". Currently, the list only sorts by the checkout date. Then select the "Browse Reading History" button.

When reviewing items on your request list, you can remove an item by selecting "Delete request" in the action column. To receive an item on your request list, open the full record by selecting the book title, add the book to your book basket, and select the "Rush" link. Using the rush request option will assign the books to the next day's mailing. Items on the request list not marked as a rush item or a reserve will be sent according to your service option (which can be viewed under Reading Preferences). Available service options are:

  • Nightly - accepts computer selection: you are automatically sent more books as you return the books you've finished reading. Books can be sent based on your preferences or from your request list.
  • Nightly - request list only: you are only sent books from a request list you create as you return the books you've finished reading. If there are no available books on your list, you will not receive any books.
  • On demand - books are only sent if you request them. You will either need to use the rush option on the website or call a Reader's Advisor to request books be sent from your request list.

If you need more information on service options, contact a Reader's Advisor at 303-727-9277 or toll free in state at 800-685-2136.

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