Helpful Hints

How to Order Books Online

This site offers basic instructions for ordering books through the CTBL on-line catalog. Anyone can freely browse the CTBL collection at anytime. However, to order books, you will need to contact the library to get a User ID and Password.

*NOTE - There are two new availability options when ordering from the WebOPAC. Books listed as "download only" are only available through the BARD website. More information is located on the BARD page of our website. The other option is "on demand". A copy of an on-demand book will be made when a rush order is placed on the book.

The following list of letters at the beginning of a book number indicate the media type for that item:

  • BR - Braille Book
  • CC - Cassette book from the Colorado Collection
  • DB - Digital Book
  • DBC - loccally recorded books available for download from BARD
  • DC/DBC - Digital book from the Colorado Collection
  • PR - Large Print Book
  • RC - Cassette Book
  • S## - SHELF book (book recorded in another state available for download the ## represents the 2-digit state code)
  • VO - Descriptive Video (only in VHS format)

If you have a helpful hint that you would like to pass on to your fellow patrons, please notify a Reader's Advisor.

Now you are ready to Order Books On-Line.

For more information about this unique service, please contact a Reader Advisor at phone 303-727-9277 or toll-free, in-state at 800-685-2136.