Patron Handbook - Firmware Upgrades

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Firmware is the operating instructions stored on many electronic devices. It is the small program that operates the device. The digital talking book player you received from the Colorado Talking Book Library is operated through the firmware stored on the player. Every so often the firmware for the players is updated to fix any problems and to enhance the operation of the player.

There are several ways to receive the updated firmware for your player:

  • For BARD users, you can download the firmware upgrade from the BARD main page. In the Additional Links section is a link to the latest version of the software.
  • CTBL will include the  upgrade on a cartridge, when available.

When you receive a cartridge with the upgrade on it, your player will automatically start the upgrade once the cartridge is inserted. Your player will announce, "Updating your player's software." When you hear this - do NOT turn off the player or remove the cartridge. The player will beep while the upgrade is installing and restart itself after the upgrade has been completed. The upgrade takes less than a minute to install. A player will only read the upgrade file once and then ignore it on any subsequent books or cartridges containing the file.

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