Our message is simple. We need you to help us to continue the excellent services that the Talking Book Library provides to each patron through the Colorado Talking Book Library program. Donations can be made either directly to the library or through the Friends of the Talking Book Library.

Since 1972, the goal of the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library, has been to financially support programs and projects of the Colorado Talking Book Library. The following is a sample of what your donations have funded:

Staffing various positions at the library.

  • The entire cost of the recording studio and all of the equipment since its inception.
  • The entire cost of maintaining the on-line circulation system at the library for the past 5 years. This includes the on-line system to order books.
  • The entire cost of 16 summer reading programs for the children who have used this library.
  • All costs associated with the volunteer program at the library.
  • Shelving units for the talking books and large print books.
  • A large portion of the descriptive video collection.
  • All of the furniture at the library, as well as many computers, CCTV's, Braillers, and magnifiers.
  • JAWS screen reader and Window Eyes software for use on the public computers.
  • Duxbury Braille Software to use with the Braille Express 100, paper and bindery materials needed for the production of Braille publications.

As you can see, the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library assume a great deal of financial responsibility for the ongoing operational costs of the Colorado Talking Book Library. Your financial gifts help us to pay for the critical services requested by you, our patrons.

Please make your checks payable to the Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library. In most cases, your gift is tax deductible as the Friends are a 501c(3) organization designated by the Internal Revenue Service. The Friends are now able to accept credit card donations.

Thank you.