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Winter 2019 - Volume 54, No. 1

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Highlighting — Winter of Reading with Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library has invited CTBL patrons to participate in their winter reading program. Participation can be completed from anywhere statewide. Activities include both reading and experiences.
Here are the details:


  • Participants must be age 17+.
  • Prizes are limited to one mug or glass per customer.


Once you’ve completed the activities, send the booklet to CTBL to get your prize, of a Winter of Reading mug or pint glass.


  1. Get your brochure. Please call CTBL and we will send you one.
  2. Complete any five activities listed inside. You can localize an activity where appropriate.
  3. Bring or send your brochure to CTBL by February 28, 2019 to claim your prize.

*Prizes available while supplies last

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CTBL will be closed on the following days in 2019:

  • January 1st
  • January 21st
  • February 18th
  • May 27th

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From the Director

On January 2, Nicolle Davies begins her tenure as the State Librarian, Assistant Commissioner for the Colorado State Library. She is coming back to Colorado after serving as the Executive Director of the Charlestown County (SC) Public Library. Prior to that she served as the Executive Director of the Arapahoe Library District. She holds a Master in Public Administration, a Masters in Library and Information Science and a BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder. Nicolle is a self-professed policy geek and her extended family lives in Colorado.

Check out the Friends of CTBL Facebook page or follow on Twitter.

@DebbiMacLeod twitter icon

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NLS Magazines on Cartridge

Many of our patrons receive the audio magazines produced by the National Library Service (NLS). These magazines are sent on cartridge through the mail the same way we send out our books.

NLS has recently made a change in the way they manage the system that tracks the magazine subscriptions and cartridges sent and returned by patrons. There is now an automated process that checks every person’s magazine account for overdue cartridges and marks any cartridge that is more than 547 days overdue as lost.

Unfortunately, this action also results in the person’s magazine service being put into a temporary hold status. This will stop any new magazines from being sent out to that person.

So if you have stopped receiving your magazines, call a Reader Advisor to let them know. We can go in and get your account reactivated so you will receive magazines again.

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CTBL Community Reads

Non-Fiction Selection

American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land — DB088907
Author: Monica Hesse
Narrator: Laura Adducci
Length: 9 hours, 5 minutes
One of NPR’s Best Books of 2017 and A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the Year
A Washington Post reporter explores the story behind the string of 62 arson fires that lit up rural Virginia in 2012. The surprising culprits behind the fires were long-time volunteer firefighter Charlie Smith and his girlfriend, Tonya Bundick. As Charlie’s confession unspooled, it got deeper and weirder: his crimes were galvanized by a surprising love story. American Fire shares insight into the perpetrator's struggles, his relationship with his accomplice girlfriend, and the impact of the fires on their community.

Fiction Selection

Everyone Brave is Forgiven — PR024552 & DB085931
Author: Chris Cleave
Narrator: David Hartley-Margolin
Length: 12 hours, 34 minutes
A LibraryReads Favorite for 2016
Set in World War II London, and loosely based on love letters written by the author’s grandparents, a young socialite named Mary is determined to shock her blueblood political family by volunteering for the war effort. Hoping to become a spy, she is instead assigned to teaching. As she cares for her charges, she finds herself drawn to two soldiers. While war escalates and bombs begin falling around them, they are drawn further into a new world unlike any they’ve ever known.

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Tech Talk — Hadley's Tech it Out

The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired has started a new discussion group, Tech it Out. These regularly scheduled discussions will offer a chance to learn a few tips from a technology expert, ask your questions and share your experiences.

They held their first discussion group, Technology and Food Delivery Services, in September of last year. The call was so popular they were only able to discuss grocery delivery services and had to host a second call to cover restaurant and meal kit delivery options.

The discussions are recorded and posted on Hadley’s YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRe7-7jGsk642SHgh-LOtOg

If you want to receive email notifications on what the topic will be and when the next discussion group will meet, go to https://hadley.edu/publications to join the Hadley mailing list.

This channel also contains some great instructional videos on Technology in the Kitchen and using Apple Products among other things. A list of all their instructional videos is located on the Hadley website: https://www.hadley.edu/InstructionalVideos.asp

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Wanted — Finished reading your books & magazines?

Please send them back when you have finished reading. Other patrons may be waiting to read those titles. And for the newsletters and magazines the cartridges need to be reused.

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Event of Interest — Vision Resource Expo - Pueblo

Sponsored by DVR and the Center for Disabilities

Thursday, February 7th, 2019, 9:30 am – 12 noon
Rawlings Public Library, 100 E. Abriendo Avenue, Pueblo
Ryals Special Events Room (4th Floor)

For more information:
Call Pueblo DVR at 719-544-1406, ask for Muck or the Center Toward Self Reliance at 719-546-1271 ext. 1007, ask for Susan.

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Community Collaborators - National Multiple Sclerosis Society

CTBL has been working with the NMSS for several years now. They are a strong national organization dedicated to helping those to live well is MS. They have a wealth of information on their website and provide MS Navigators to help identify solutions and resources. Talking book network libraries are listed in the navigator resources. For more information:

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Volunteers — Who Challenge and Inspire Us!

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” ― Amy Poehler

On December 1st the Friends of Colorado Talking Book Library hosted the annual Volunteer Appreciation brunch to honor and thank our volunteers who inspire and challenge us by the example they set.

We honored Bill West with the rare 35-Year Award celebrating his many accomplishments. Debbi MacLeod presented Bill with a unique piece of art glass representing the three roles he has held at CTBL: volunteer, patron, and Friends Board member. The National Library Service also sent a signed certificate recognizing Bill’s service and dedication.

Image of the award given to Bill West for his 35 years of service to CTBLThe celebration continued with honoring those Volunteers who have achieved a milestone year including:

5-Year Award

  • Sheila Halstead
  • Nancy Eakins
  • Kit Thomte
  • Terri Cohrs
  • Susann Stubbs
  • Betty Dean
  • Judy Early
  • Sherry McCabe

10-Year Award

  • Paul Fernandez
  • Edie Conklin
  • Norine Domenico
  • Ruben Bernardo
  • Tabby Bernardo
  • Hille Dais

15-Year Award

  • Rich Urbanowski
  • Bill Urbanowski

These award winning volunteers have challenged and inspired us, by their enduring dedication to CTBL which has made a difference in the lives of so many of our patrons.

Photo of the volunteers that started at CTBL during 2018
New 2018 CTBL Volunteers

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CTBL Book Selection Process - How it Works

Most of our patrons are set-up for automated book selection. This means the books are selected during a process that runs each night on our computer system. The process uses the requests and preferences we have on file for each patron. Unless you have called to change them, the preferences that were listed on the application are in the patron record.

Items are sent based on a hierarchy — requests will be sent out first, then author preferences, and finally subject preferences. We can set preferences to include subjects and authors a patron likes, and also to exclude subjects and authors they don’t like.

For example, we have many patrons who like to read western stories, but they don’t like romance stories. So we can add a preference for westerns and an exclusion for romance stories so they don’t receive western romance stories. In order for this to work both descriptors need to be in the book record.

Certain subject matter such as strong language or violence can also be excluded from being sent when the computer is picking books using subject codes. However, if a specific book or author has been requested, those exclusions are not checked before a book is sent.

Finally, our system cannot automatically check to see if a book is part of a series when running the nightly process. When a book in a series is sent out of order, if you would like to read that series from the beginning, call the library and we can set-up a special series request. Then we will send one book at a time in the correct order for that series. This system runs separate from the nightly process that selects books, so you may receive more than your set maximum number of books.

If you find you are receiving a lot of books that don’t interest you or that you don’t like, call one of our Reader Advisors to discuss how your account is set-up. They will work with you to tweak your preferences so you get books more to your liking.

The best way to get the books you want is to keep a request list full.

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Collection News — Suggestions from New Additions

New DVDs with Descriptive Video

These videos have audio descriptions is embedded in each disc. You can turn on this feature by following the directions starting at the disc's main menu. Additional titles available, please contact the library for more information.

Feature Films — DVD’s
  • MD00273 — Annihilation (R)
  • MD00274 — Sherlock Gnomes (PG)
  • MD00275 — Paddington 2 (PG)
  • MD00276 — Love, Simon (PG-13)
  • MD00277 — Thoroughbreds (R)
  • MD00278 — Action Point (R)
  • MD00279 — Ocean’s 8 (PG-13)
  • MD00280 — Adrift (PG-13)
  • MD00281 — Miracle Season (PG)
  • MD00282 — The Rider (R)
  • MD00283 — Deadpool 2 (R)
  • MD00284 — Superfly (R)
  • MD00285 — The Leisure Seeker (R)
  • MD00286 — Black Panther (PG-13)
  • MD00287 — 7 Days in Entebbe (PG-13)
  • MD00288 — The Seagull PG-13)
  • MD00289 — I Feel Pretty PG-13)
  • MD00290 — A Wrinkle in Time (PG)
  • MD00291 — Notes on Blindness NR

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New Large Print Titles

New Series for Young Readers

Check out these new chapter books for readers aged six to twelve. Each series features humorous, fun stories with adventurous heroines and heroes to tempt young readers.

Princess Pulverizer Princess Pulverizer may not be a knight yet, but she won’t let that stop her from saving the day! Generously illustrated, this funny and fun series features a princess, knights, dragons, trolls, wizards…the lot. For ages 6–8.

Magic Animal Rescue
Fantasy series with eight-year old Maggie who lives in an enchanted forest with a host of magical creatures, including a flying horse, a wish fish, a unicorn, and flying pigs. For ages 7–10.

Peter Powers
This chapter book series is about a young boy who has the worst superpower ever. All Peter can do is make ice cubes with his fingertips. But one day, he plans to be the world’s greatest superhero. For ages 7–10.

The Haunted Library
A not-too-scary chapter book mystery series with ghost boy Kaz and his new friend, a living girl named Claire. She has a special ability to see ghosts when other humans cannot. She and Kaz quickly form a friendship. For ages 6–8.

Hamster Princess
Harriet Hamsterbone is not your typical princess–she loves cliff-diving, fighting Ogrecats, and fractions! This graphic-hybrid series is brimming with sass, smarts, and humor. For ages 8–12. Also available in Braille and Audio formats.

Classroom 13
Humorous stories with teachable moments, this chapter book series follows the adventure—and misadventures—of the students of Classroom 13. For ages 7–10. Also available in an audio book.

Interested? Call a reader advisor at 303-727-9277 to sign-up for any or all the series.

Bestseller Fiction

  • PR028711 — Don’t Skip Out on Me by Willy Vlautin
  • PR028718 — The Gray Ghost: Fargo Adventures #10 by Clive Cussler
  • PR028852 — Varina: A Novel by Charles Frazier
  • PR028705 — The Outsider by Stephen King
  • PR028813 — The President Is Missing: A Novel by Bill Clinton and James Patterson
  • PR028713 — When Life Gives You Lululemons: The Devil Wears Prada #3 by Lauren Weisberger

Bestseller Non-Fiction

  • PR028741 — Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress by Steven Pinker
  • PR028873 — Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence by James R. Clapper
  • PR028856 — Fascism: A Warning by Madeleine Korbel Albright
  • PR028859 — Personal History by Katharine Graham
  • PR028858 — When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink
  • PR028870 — The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King

Cozy Mystery

  • PR028815 — A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder: A Countess of Harleigh Mystery by Dianne Freeman
  • PR028835 — Aunt Dimity and the King’s Ransom: Aunt Dimity #23 by Nancy Atherton
  • PR028834 — Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding: Royal Spyness #12 by Rhys Bowen
  • PR028742 — Murder in the Locked Library: Book Retreat Mysteries #4 by Ellery Adams
  • PR028723 — Probable Claws: Mrs. Murphy Mystery #27 by Rita Mae Brown
  • PR028743 — The Cat of the Baskervilles: Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery #3 by Vicki Delany

Romantic Suspense

  • PR028918 — Impostor’s Lure: Sharpe & Donovan #8 by Carla Neggers
  • PR028843 — Pale as Death: Krewe of Hunters #25 by Heather Graham
  • PR028823 — Say You’re Sorry: Morgan Dane #1 by Melinda Leigh
  • PR028733 — Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts
  • PR028710 — The Moscow Deception: Guardian #2 by Karen Robards
  • PR028910 — Wind River Rancher: Wind River Valley #2 by Lindsay McKenna


  • PR028926 — Give-a-Damn Jones: A Novel of the West by Bill Pronzini
  • PR028720 — Slate Creek: Journey to the White Clouds by Wallace J. Swenson
  • PR028903 — Songbird of the West by James Clay
  • PR028721 — The Legend of Perley Gates by William W. Johnstone
  • PR028756 — The Removes: A Novel by Tatjana Soli
  • PR028801 — Wild West: Short Stories by Elmer Kelton

Young Adult

  • PR028764 — A Reaper at the Gates: Ember in the Ashes #3 by Sabaa Tahir
  • PR028839 — Furyborn: Empirium #1 by Claire Legrand
  • PR028886 — Love and War: Alex & Eliza Trilogy #2 by Melissa De La Cruz
  • PR028765 — The Button War: A Tale of the Great War by Avi
  • PR028889 — You Bring the Distant Near by Mitali Perkins

Want more large print? Call the library for a list of addition new titles.

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From the Colorado Collection — Audio Books:

Recommended Local Series — Being a Jane Austin Mystery

Written by Evergreen-based author Stephanie Barron, this mystery series re-imagines Jane Austen as an amateur sleuth. In the most recently recorded book in the series, “Jane and the Genius of the Place,” the sleuth is off to the Canterbury Races, where the rich and fashionable gamble away their fortunes. There a flamboyant French beauty, known for her brazen behavior, is found dead. As rumors spread that Napoleon’s fleet is bound for Kent, Jane suspects that the murder was an act of war not a crime of passion. A classic whodunit.

Currently CTBL has recorded three of the mysteries:

  • DBC02987 — Jane and the Man of the Cloth
  • DBC03166 — Jane and the Wandering Eye
  • DBC03283 — Jane and the Genius of the Place

The library also has three titles in large print. Call a reader advisor for more information or to order these historical mysteries.

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From the Colorado Collection — Audio Books:

The CTBL studio continues to record great fiction titles, including many with a Colorado connection. Often it’s a local author. Or the story takes place in Colorado. And, occasionally it’s both. Can we tempt you with any of these popular titles from the Colorado collection?

12 Most Popular Audio Books Produced in the CTBL Studios June thru September 2018

The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco
Author: Laura A. H. DiSilverio
Narrator: Stacey Donaldson
Amy-Faye has always loved her idyllic Rocky Mountain town of Heaven, Colorado. But lately her hometown has felt a little less heavenly. First, she agrees to plan a wedding without realizing the groom is her ex-boyfriend. Then one of her fellow Readaholics dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances. 2017. Adult Fiction. DBC03252

Night of the White Buffalo: Wind River Mysteries #18
Author: Margaret Coel
Narrator: Judith Knapp
Dennis Carey is discovered shot dead in his truck along Blue Sky Highway. With the tragic news comes the exposure of an astonishing secret: a sacred white buffalo calf was recently born on Carey’s ranch. The birth draws a flood of pilgrims to the reservation, frustrating the investigation of Carey’s murder. Some violence. 2014. Adult Fiction. DBC03188

Honor’s Pledge: Rocky Mountain Legacy Series #1
Author: Kristen Heitzmann
Narrator: Laverne Rios
Seventeen-year-old Abigail Martin falls in love with southerner Montgomery Farrel, who has moved to Colorado after the Civil War. He returns her love, but is committed to another. Abigail trusts in God to find a solution. For high school and adult readers. Adult Fiction. DBC00683

Seeds Of Doubt
Author: Stephanie Kane
Narrator: Kate Van Wyhe
When Dennis Ross, a former beau from the public defender’s office, calls to ask for her help on a case, Jackie Flowers is torn. A small boy has disappeared from the mansion of a prominent Denver banker, and the prime suspect is the banker’s sister Rachel, who was convicted of killing a playmate when she was a child. 2005. Adult Fiction. DBC03230

Where You Once Belonged
Author: Kent Haruf
Narrator: Nelson Grabenstetter
A small town hero returns home to a Colorado town to win the heart of the loveliest girl in the county, and commit crimes that even his hometown friends cannot stop. Strong language. 1990. Adult Fiction. DBC03009

Author: Marlys Millhiser
Narrator: Marilyn Aamodt
A trip to historical Telluride, Colorado opens an unexpected door to the past for Aletha Kingman and Cree Mackelwain. The turn-of-the-century Telluride that the pair experience offers the lure of gold, not modern day ski slopes. 1984. Adult Fiction. DBC03131

The Big Brand
Author: Elmer Kelton
Narrator: Maurice McInerney
From the frontier days to the Great Depression, Kelton brings to life the rough-hewn heroes of yesteryear-- cowboys fighting to survive. 1992. Adult Fiction. DBC03113

Antler Dust: Allison Coil Mystery #1
Author: Mark Stevens
Narrator: Karen Cranford
In the Colorado Flat Tops wilderness two men go missing—a hunting guide and an animal rights protester. Hunting guide Allison Coil hears a distant rifle shot and sees just enough to believe somebody knows something and isn’t coming forward. Some explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and violence. 2011. Adult Fiction. DBC03085

Hell’s Bottom, Colorado: Cross Family Series #1
Author: Laura Pritchett
Narrator: Sharon Huckins
An award winning collection of short stories featuring three generations of a Colorado ranching family. 2014. Adult Fiction. DBC00680

Open Range: A Western Story
Author: Zane Grey
Narrator: Nelson Grabenstetter
Panhandle Smith is a young man growing up fast in the rugged terrain of the American Southwest. Falsely accused of rustling, Pan takes it upon himself to track down the real culprits. 2002. Adult Fiction. DBC02927

Distorted Reality
Author: Patty McMahon
Narrator: Joanne Rudoff
Robert Morgan and Samuel Robbins fought side by side in Vietnam and later served as partners in the prestigious Special Intelligence Forces. After college, Robbins joined the FBI and Morgan the Mercer Island Police Department. They went their separate ways until the day the Mercer Island Bank is robbed and they join forces again. Contains strong language. 2005. Adult Fiction. DBC00679

Higher Elevations: Stories From the West
Author: Alexander Blackburn
Narrator: Norm Jones
An anthology of fiction from the Writer’s Forum. The collection includes a variety of stories that span the American West experience—from rodeos and forest fires to urban homeless and the club scene of present-day Austin. 1993. Adult Fiction. DBC03243

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Latest Additions to the Colorado Collection

These are books produced recently in the CTBL recording studio.

  • DBC03173 — Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book: Life Lessons from Notable People from All Walks of Life by Anita Silvey
  • DBC03189 — Buried by the Roan: Allison Coil Mystery #2 by Mark Stevens
  • DBC03279 — Rust: The Longest War by Jonathan Waldman
  • DBC03281 — Coyote Valley: Deep History in the High Rockies by Thomas G. Andrews
  • DBC03285 — Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living by Nancy Sharp
  • DBC03287 — Sea of Sand: A History of Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve by Michael M. Geary
  • DBC03288 — The Reckoning Stones by Laura A. H. DiSilverio
  • DBC03292 — A Faithful Agnostic Speaks: Prose, Paintings, and Poetry by Joseph S. Willis
  • DBC03300 — Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates: A Book of Hope for Those Who Have Lost a Pet by Gary Kurz
  • DBC12903 — The Proverbs Explained: A Blueprint for Christian Living by Mitch Pacwa
  • DBC12906 — Woman of the Cavalcade: An Epic True Story. Conquering the Wild West Series #3 by Edith Eudora Kohl
  • DBC12919 — Inhabited by Charlie Quimby
  • DBC12924 — Killdozer: The True Story of the Colorado Bulldozer Rampage by Patrick Brower
  • DBC12932 — Monument Road by Charlie Quimby
  • DBC12944 — Winter’s Child: Wind River Mysteries #20 by Margaret Coel
  • DBC12954 — Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman

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Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts to the Friends of CTBL are a vital way to ensure ongoing support for all the services the library provides to patrons. The Friends have established Eyes to the Future that honors and recognizes the generosity and vision of patrons, families and friends who have chosen to leave a legacy through their estates or other deferred gifts.

We invite you to become a member of Eyes to the Future. Enrollment in this honorary group is simply a matter of advising us about your plans to make a legacy gift, such as a bequest in a will or living trust, or designating The Friends of CTBL as beneficiary of an individual retirement plan, 401k or life insurance policy. The Friends of CTBL is a public 501 c 3 charity and the tax ID is 23-7243950.

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Contributions to The Friends of the Colorado Talking Book Library and The Colorado Talking Book Library

An additional way to contribute to either the Friends or to CTBL is through a charitable bequest as part of a will or through life insurance. You do not have to rewrite your current document but can add a written amendment called a codicil. Such a bequest only becomes irrevocable at your death. Giving to the library helps support the programs and service we provide to our patrons and helps to secure the future.

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AmazonSmileFriends of CTBL Logo

The AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to charitable organizations. If you make purchases through Amazon, try AmazonSmile and designate The Friends of CTBL as a recipient of charitable donations. Several patrons have already done this. Thanks!

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