Colorado Collection

On-Demand status

Newer books in the Colorado Collection are now on-demand, which means we will make a copy of the book for a patron when it is ordered. If you'd like one of our local books, you can:

  • Call the library and ask a Reader Advisor to put a reserve on the book for you. Our phone numbers are 303-727-9277 or 1-800-685-2136 (toll-free, in-state only)
  • On the CTBL online catalog, add the book to your book bag and check the "rush this item" box under the title of the book.

We will then start the process to copy the book and send it to you. Please be aware that if you are the first person to request a copy of a book, it could take up to four weeks for the book to be delivered.

Catalog of Colorado Titles

To get a complete listing of books available in the Colorado Collection, go to the Basic Search Page for our online catalog. In the "Search for" box, type Colorado Collection. Then select the "Submit" button to start the search. This will pull up a listing of all the books we have in the local collection. Any book numbers beginning with CC are cassette books and any book numbers beginning with DC are digital books.

Listing of Titles

These titles were recorded by volunteers at CTBL. These books may be ordered by calling the library at either 303-727-9277 or 1-800-685-2136 (toll-free, in-state only) or through our online catalog.

Each link below will open a PDF file of the books added to the Colorado Collection during the year listed. The books are in alphabetical order by title.

Below are the books added to the Colorado Collection before 2000: Please note some of these titles may no longer be available if the master files have been damaged in any way.