Below is a description of CTBL's collection.

Sources for recommended reading

Book Sets
Lists of books available in both large print and audio formats.

Braille Book Review
NLS (National Library of Congress) Publication of Braille Books added in the last 2 months (opens in another window).

Colorado Collection
Locally recorded audio books.

Information Resources - Databases
Popular information databases covering thousands of topics such as car repair, business, health and school subjects.

Descriptive Movies
Popular movies with described action - now available in DVD and Blu-ray.

Foreign Language Quarterly
NLS Publication of recently added foreign language books.

Large Print
Lists of recently added large print titles.

Listing of Magazines available from the National Library Service.

Subject Codes
A complete list of subject codes to list in your patron profile

Talking Book Topics
NLS Publication of audio books added in the last 2 months.