Patron Handbook - Books

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Can the library staff select books for me?

Yes, see the Requesting Books section.

Can I buy these books?

Books and materials are the property of the U.S. government or CTBL. Copyright agreements with authors do not allow the library to sell any of its books.

Temporary Hold on Books

If you go on vacation, become ill, or get too many books, please call to have us temporarily hold your books. Notify us when you are ready to resume your service.

Picking Up Books at the Library

Materials may be picked up at the library. If you phone in your order in advance, materials will be ready when you arrive.

Ordering Books

For all book orders, please provide your name and address or, if you have it, your patron number.

There are many ways to order books:

Ordering Online

Books may be ordered through the CTBL Online Catalogue. In order to use this service, you will need to call the library and have a reader advisor set up a password. Your username is your patron ID#. Once you have your login information you can use the website to review or add items to your request list, order books, or review the information we have for you in our database. Information on how to order through the online catalogue is available on our website in the Helpful Hints under the Order Books Online section.

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