Patron Handbook - Address Changes

Audio file for Address Changes.

Permanent Address Change

Please notify CTBL if you move to a different address, get a new phone number or email address, or change your name.

Temporary Address Change

Please notify CTBL if you are moving temporarily to another address. We can send any material to that address during your stay. If you would like your magazines to transfer to the temporary address, it is advised to give us up to two weeks notice. We would recommend that magazines be sent to a temporary address only if you will be there for 2 months or longer. Please let us know when you return to your permanent address.

Moving out of State

If you move permanently to another state, you must transfer your service to that state. Please let us know so we can initiate the transfer of your record. You may take your machine with you but you will need to return any audio, large print or Braille books or descriptive videos to CTBL as they are part of our collection.

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